Auckland New Zealand Weather

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When traveling it is a good idea to do some research and determine the climate of the area you are traveling to. This is especially important when traveling abroad or long distances where the season may be different from where you are starting from. This will allow you to take the appropriate cloths with you. If the weather is cold where you are going take cold weather cloths. If it is warm take summer cloths to wear. If it is a rainy climate, rain gear maybe appropriate. It is easy to look up the information you need from any number of travel sites on the Internet. Doing this makes good sense and is part of planning for the trip.

Auckland new Zealand weather
Auckland new Zealand weatherLynda W1 / / CC BY

If you do not plan properly for the trip there is a risk that the trip may not go well.

Auckland New Zealand

The Auckland new Zealand weather is controlled by a pleasant ocean climate without extremes as it is located on the coast. The ocean keeps the temperatures within a fairly narrow range. In January and February the mean temperature is 23 degrees Celsius or 74 degrees Fahrenheit.  During July and August the mean daily temperature is 14 degrees Celsius or 57 degrees Fahrenheit.

The area has a lot of sunshine, but also a lot of rain. Rain can be expected any time of the year because of the moderate temperatures, but most often in winter. It is a good idea to be prepared for some rain while in Auckland, but an umbrella can always be obtained during the visit. Snow fall is almost non-existent and very unlikely.

The seasons are the opposite of those in the US. Auckland makes a great winter get away for those living in the United States. Summer runs from December to February, fall runs from March to May, winter runs from June to August, and spring from September to November.

There is normally an early morning calm which is when most people spend time outdoors, jogging or walking or just enjoying fresh air. Later in the day the sea breeze rises and the calm is gone until the next day. The perfect calm that occurs in the morning is a year around phenomenon, it occurs in all seasons. It is generally agreed that mornings are the most beautiful time of the day in Auckland.

Air pollution is generally mild, but occasionally on calm days it builds up and is visible as smog and carbon monoxide may also be come higher than standard guidelines. The ocean breezes usually keeps the pollution dispersed and when it builds up it does not last long.

Generally the Auckland New Zealand weather are very pleasant. Winters tend to be cool and wet and may not be the best time of year to visit. However the rest of the year is great for all types of activities. There is much to see and do in Auckland from city activities to island and beach activities to country site seeing adventures. It is likely you will find the weather and climate pleasant and accommodating for whatever you want to do.

After a whole day of sightseeing tourists are delighted to know that the city has a good range of fast food places that serves delicious meals form kebab to hamburgers. However, those who want to eat high-quality fish and chips must be ready to commute to the downtown area. Those who are contented with conventional fast-food, they can sample the food at the corner of Queen Street in the city center.

Holidaymakers who want to try a more sophisticated meal should try restaurants located in Davenport, Ponsonby, and Newmarket. Those who want to prepare their own meals should try the main supermarket near the downtown area called Foodtown on Quay Street. The market is located near Victoria Park. The big supermarkets on Broadway is a walking distance from Foodtown.

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