Bologna: The Best Restaurants in Italy’s Foodie Capital

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If you are planning on a trip to Italy, it would probably be fair to say that you’re going to be indulging in a bit of cuisine while you’re out there. Italian food is fantastic after all, well-known around the world for the abundance of flavours and the freshness of the goods used in the cooking, as well as the love that goes into each and every recipe!

Each region of Italy has its own signature dishes – Rome is known for its Jewish cuisine, as well as for the famous carbonara, while pizza as we know it came from Naples and risotto was born in Milan.

If you want great food though, your best bet by far is Bologna. Known as the gastronomic centre of Italy, the capital of the Emilia-Romagna region is home to Bolognese sauces amongst many other things.

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Here are the best restaurants in this foodie paradise.

Drogheria Della Rosa

This traditional trattoria was once a pharmacy (hence the name “Drogheria”), but has been converted into a wonderful dining area. Thankfully, the conversion was a faithful one, and the premises still retain much of their rustic charm, complete with apothecary jars and wooden shovels.

The food is all regional and is sure to cure whatever ails you! It’s popular among the celebs too, attracting everyone from Francis Ford Coppola to Arnie.

All’Osteria Bottega

This place is a real hideaway; if you get to eat there you can count yourself among the lucky few! It’s well worth finding though –  the chef was taught by Gualterio Marchesi, the first Italian chef to win three Michelin stars, so you know you’re in for something special.

The manager says that the secret to the beautiful Bolognese food they serve is in the care for quality that the head chef provides. Do not miss your chance to dine at the Bottega.

Al Pappagallo

You’ll find Al Pappagallo near Bologna’s iconic towers, and inside you’ll discover a whirlwind romance with food. Find a way to save on luxury city breaks so you can spend a little extra cash here – you won’t regret it.

The walls are plastered with photos of the many celebs who have come to Al Pappagallo to try their signature dish, the tortellini in brodo, made to resemble the navel of Venus, the Roman goddess of beauty. The dish is every bit as delicious as the goddess it was inspired by.

I Porcini

This restaurant is found within the I Porcini Hotel, and it is easily one of the very best in the entire region. It is almost definitely the most elegant and stylish among them, so if you’re looking to dine in style, this is most assuredly the choice for you.

It is of course a far cry away from Bologna’s more traditional trattorias, but the food is steeped in history. Expect to find classic Bolognese dishes, touched up with a modern twist, all served alongside the finest wines available. A truly wonderful choice.


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