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Given the choice of a long road journey, many people rarely looked past driving themselves. They regarded it as the most convenient way to travel; no reliance on anyone else was often the motive. However that perception is changing because of a number of factors; fuel costs and busy roads are just two of the issues though navigating a strange city and finding suitable parking at the end of a tiring journey are other aspects of driving that most people can do without.

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One thing that has certainly helped to accelerate the change is the quality of transport options to many locations bearing in mind a car can actually be a handicap at the destination. The Internet has opened up the whole travel industry because of the fact that people have come to rely on it as a source of information.

Internet as an effective marketing tool

No sector has helped to increase consumer acceptance of ecommerce as much as the travel and accommodation sector. Local travel agents are increasingly becoming redundant despite the fact they provide a personal service. They used to handle bookings by checking timetables and availability before issuing a voucher for guaranteed travel.

All these functions can now be done online; coach companies provide the consumer with all the information required on their websites and secure payment gateways protect personal data. The result is that many people simply book online whether they require a flight, hotel accommodation, bus trips or car hire. Confirmation and the relevant documentation for the transaction come via email by return so that even immediate travel can be arranged.

Coaches as an option

The modern coach is extremely comfortable with individual seats that recline and have ample leg room. It is an airline seat without the space issues. WiFi and an electric socket ensure passengers can amuse themselves during the journey though some are just as happy to enjoy the changing scenery; a driver really never has time to enjoy the surroundings.

There are none of the frustrations that come from airport departure terminals either. Safe travel is important but air travellers are increasingly faced with the prospect of arriving well before flight departure time and facing long queues.

A much better way to start a holiday is to actually enjoy the journey as well. It is much more likely with the comfort coach travel, leaving from the centre of a town or city and arriving centrally at its destination. While roads are roads and no vehicle can avoid delays, it is much better to sit with entertainment to enjoy rather than sit behind the wheel waiting for the traffic to move.  That is not conducive to enjoying a trip.

The quality of service available is excellent from booking until actually arriving at the destination. Everyone is updated on the progress en route with information about the time of arrival and about where to go for onward travel.  There really is nothing missing and the experience is likely to encourage everyone to think about enjoying it again.


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