Five Stunning Travel Experiences for Your Bucket List

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These days, nearly everyone has a bucket list. A bucket list is a list of things that a person wants to do, see or experience before they die, or before a certain point in their lives – such as a milestone birthday.

Temples in Bagan, Myanmar
Temples in Bagan, MyanmarMartin Sojka .. / Travel Photos / CC BY-NC-SA

The most common things to have on a bucket list are activities such as swimming with dolphins or doing a skydive. But also often included in bucket lists are places that people would like to visit. So here are the top five stunning travel experiences which you should think about putting on your bucket list.

  1. The Northern Lights above the Arctic Circle

The northern lights, also known as the aurora borealis, is a truly breathtaking phenomena whereby electrically charged solar particles create beautiful light displays in the sky. They can be seen clearly in northern locations, and the Arctic circle is possibly where they are at their most beautiful. Experience the Northern Lights with Hurtigruten in luxurious comfort.

  1. The Crack of Silfra

Located in Iceland is the Crack of Silfra, a narrow gorge filled with glacial water in which divers can plunge between continents to explore winding passages between volcanic rock and hang weightless, as though in space.

  1. The Reflecting Desert of Bolivia

The Uyuni salt flats, in Bolivia, are situated high in the Andean mountains. When rain falls, the entire landscape is transformed into one vast, reflecting pool of water, which so perfectly mirrors the sky and mountains that it’s almost impossible to tell where the ground ends and the skies begin.

  1. The Plain of Temples in Bagan, Myanmar

Bagan is a ruined city in Myanmar which was, at one time, home to over 10,000 Buddhist temples, of which now only about 2,000 remain. Cycling through these scattered ruins is an eerie, yet awe inspiring experience. Many of the remaining temples are still used as places of worship by the locals.

  1. The Cave of Crystals in Mexico

300 metres below the surface of the Naica mine in Chihuahua is a horseshoe shaped crevice which has formed in the limestone floor. This cave – the cave of crystals – is filled with perfectly formed mineral crystals, many of which are more than 5 metres long. These beautiful crystals are slowly deteriorating due to air exposure, so visiting now is a must.


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