How to Pack for a Summer Walking Holiday

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If you’re a novice when it comes to walking holidays, packing is no easy task. Obviously your usual method of filling a suitcase with bikinis, swimming shorts and 90% of your wardrobe (you know, ‘just in case’) isn’t applicable here.

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So, if you’re having trouble deciding what to take, then you’ve come to the right place.


Hopefully we don’t have to remind you that clean underwear is a given, as are basic t-shirts/shorts/trousers depending on where you’re going. What you might not have considered is a cap in the summer to keep the sun from beating down on your head, or maybe a windproof jacket, which is useful regardless of the time of year. For mountain walks, it’s important to bear in mind that the temperature is likely to change drastically as you ascend, and whilst it might be hot at the bottom, it’s probably going to be freezing cold at the top.


A pair of sturdy walking boots is a must-have on any trek; you don’t want to injure yourself walking on uneven terrain. Ladies, it’s time to accept that walking boots probably aren’t the most flattering style of footwear, but unless you want a broken ankle, it’s time to embrace them. For walking boots with pink accents and a subtle girly edge, try the range of ladies walking boots from Regatta. It’s also useful to pack a comfy pair of sandals to change into once you’ve stopped to camp or walk around a village; your feet will thank you for the breather.

Practical Extras

Sunscreen, of course, should be accompanying you on your trip. It’s all too easy to accidentally burn when you’re walking under the sun all day, even if you’re staying in the UK. Mosquito repellent is also useful, especially if you’re travelling abroad, as is a basic first aid kit. Sunglasses should never be left behind, you’ll regret it when all that squinting gives you headache and spoils your holiday. A torch is a useful addition to any hiker’s rucksack as any seasoned campers will know, but even if you’re not camping it’s a good idea to bring one along should you accidentally find yourself out walking in the dark.

If you’re still struggling, or if you have that niggling feeling that you’re still forgetting something, then check out the Exodus Universal Packing List for everything you could possibly ever need!


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