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3 Unmissable yet Unusual Holiday Destinations

Whilst revisiting old favourites and getting holiday recommendations from friends and family are both safe bets when it comes to choosing your next getaway, it has to be admitted that it gets a little boring. If you’re getting tired of visiting the same old Spanish resorts and eating the same cuisine each year, why not look into visiting somewhere that lies slightly off the beaten British holiday makers’ tracks?


Israel is a country steeped in history, so a holiday to this unusual destination will be sure you teach you something you didn’t already know, making it a great option for those with inquisitive children. An organised tour of Israel booked through a travel agent like Encounters Travel will ensure you make the most of your trip, so you’ll get to experience everything from the buzz of the city of Tel Aviv to the historical sites and monuments of Jerusalem. A dip in the Dead Sea is also a must, as is a trip to the famous town of Nazareth.

The Jaffa Clock Tower
town of Nazarethronsho © / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND


Most tourists prefer the allure of Northern America, choosing to visit Orlando and New York over the more culturally diverse cities and countries of South America. If you’ve exhausted the typical tourist routes though, a trip south to Argentina could be just the ticket. Take a visit to the country steeped in political controversy and discover the real truth behind the disappearance of the body of the infamous Eva Peron, heroine of the working classes, by visiting her tomb in Buenos Aires.

St Martin's dream with a psychedelic floor
Argentinaopti mystic / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA


The main allure of the world’s most densely populated country has to be the Great Wall of China, one of the Seven (man-made) Wonders of the World. China’s ‘paradise on earth’, more commonly known as Hangzhou, is a green, historical city centred around the West Lake, and is another must-see for anybody visiting China for the first time. Another activity that’s not to be missed is a visit to the panda Breeding Research Base in Chengdu to experience the beauty of these endangered and intelligent animals first hand.

China-7159 - Terra-cotta Warriors
China- Terra-cotta Warriorsarcher10 (Dennis) / Foter / CC BY-SA

Whatever holiday you choose to go on, taking a trip to somewhere that lies a little off the beaten track, away from the stereotypical holiday destinations, will open your eyes to other culturally diverse parts of the world. You never know, you might just fall in love with a place and want to go back to it time and time again.


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