The Flag Of Hawaii: Connections With Britain

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Hawaii is one of the most beautiful islands in the world, and is the most recent of the 50 United States to have joined the union. Not only is it the only US state to be made up entirely of islands, but it’s oceanic surroundings, stunning public beaches and amazing natural wildlife makes it a hot spot for thousands of tourists every year. There are also a number of active volcanoes on Hawaii, and the island is a focal point for volcanologists and biologists alike.

The Flag Of Hawaii

The Flag Of Hawaii

The culture of Hawaii is deeply rooted in symbolism, and the flag is no exception. Ka Hae Hawaii, the national flag, is a wonderful and indepth visualisation of the islands’ many accomplishments and it also offers an insight into the unique and rich history that makes this American state so famous. The flag of Hawaii symbolises the historic reign of the king, as well as the island’s status as a territory and the republic of Hawaii. The flag is one of the most recognised in the world that is still in use, and if you travel to the island, you can see it flying high outside schools, hospitals and numerous government buildings.

The History Of The Hawaiian Flag

Hawaii’s flag and its historic past are extremely interesting. A variety of historians continue to debate about the smaller details, however it is universally agreed that Kamegameha the first (or Kamehameha the Great) was responsible for its creation and inception. Flags all over the world are entrenched in culture and historic meaning, however by understanding the creator behind the Hawaiian flag, we can try and understand the flag itself.

Kamehameha was able to create a single, sovereign stage, and he ruled successfully for a number of years. He also captured the attention of the world’s major powers at the time, and before Kamegameha’s rule, all the separate islands of Hawaii were rules by individual chiefs. Not only was he a skilled warrior, but he was wholly responsible for reuniting all the islands.

Kemegameha was determined in his quest as a ruler and as a protector of his people. He never let non-Hawaiians interfere with internal politics, however his role of ambassador to the neighbouring islands and countries worldwide was undertaken with grace and respect. Striving to form alliances and harmonious relationships, the king championed the ‘goodwill’ of all Hawaiians, and even helped to make Hawaii an industrial centre.

The Flag Design

The design of the flag was commissioned in 1816 to an officer of the British Royal Navy, and as you can see on the flag, the British symbolism is quite influential. Not only is the British flag placed in the top right hand corner, but it also represents the alliance between the Hawaiian people and the British Nation. The eight horizontal stripes in British colours represent the eight major Hawaiian islands, however rumour depicts that the first version of the flag only had seven stripes. Furthermore, the stripes in the order of white, red and blue, were intended to be placed in the order of red, white and blue!

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