Three Reasons to Travel to Hollywood

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As what is easily the most famous district of Los Angeles, Hollywood is known around the world as the capital of the entertainment business. Millions of tourists flock there every year, hoping for a glimpse of a celebrity, exploring set lots and famous landmarks, and enjoying the year round pleasant weather that only Southern California can offer. While it may seem like a touristy destination to some, there is certainly good reason for it’s popularity. Here are the top three reasons to visit Hollywood, including the beautiful weather and tropical destination, historical entertainment locations and celebrity lifestyles and sightings.

Unbeatable Weather

Even those who don’t appreciate celebrities or the entertainment industry can deny that Hollywood is privy to some of the best weather in the world. The district of Los Angeles, in which Hollywood is contained, is classified as having a subtropical-Mediterranean climate. It is sometimes referred to as the city without rain. While there is of course some rain, with only 35 days of measurable precipitation each year it is very rare, and many tourists spend a week or more there without any hint of rain to ruin their vacation.

The temperature is comfortable year-round. While it does change slightly from summer to winter, it rarely exceeds 90 degree Fahrenheit or dips below 50 degrees, even on the coldest nights in January. This only lends to the appeal of Hollywood, and is just one of the reasons the wealthy, including many celebrities, choose to make the area their home. The weather also creates the perfect environment for a range of outdoor activities, ranging from enjoying the beautiful beaches to hiking in the famed Hollywood Hills, a workout favorite for many residents and visitors alike.

The History of Entertainment

While many visitors are concerned with modern celebrity and the current trends in entertainment, the history of music, movies, and television is also a big draw for tourists. There are countless destinations worth a visit on a sightseeing trip in Hollywood, and many of the stops along the way are where history happened in regard to the ever changing entertainment industry. Here are a few of the worthy historical landmarks:

  • Grauman’s Chinese Theater: This may be the most popular theater on earth, and still shows movies daily on he screen. Opened first in 1927, it was once home to the annual Oscar ceremony. Today it is used for many movie premieres, and displays handprints of the stars along the front sidewalk and forecourt of the theater.
  • Hollywood Sign: Seen in countless movies and shows, you can’t leave Hollywood without getting a photo of what may be the most recognizable sign in the world. People often comment that it seems much larger in real life than expected.
  • Walk of Fame: This stretch of sidewalk crosses from Hollywood Boulevard to Vine Street, and memorializes celebrities from several decades in stars. Find your favorite actors and actresses from the last 50 years, or find out if there are any new additions and ceremonies during your upcoming vacation.
  • Hollywood Wax Museum: This is the longest running wax museum in the nation, and was founded in 1965. Pose with your favorite celebrities, in wax version of course, who rotate depending on popularity.

Celebrity Lifestyle and Sightings

One of the most exciting aspects of visiting Hollywood is the chance to live like a celebrity, or perhaps just to run into one yourself. Since so many celebrities call Hollywood home, it is not uncommon for tourists to see their favorite movie star grabbing a coffee or even having dinner at the next table from you. Head to Melrose Avenue for a chance to live like a celebrity, visiting the top shopping locations that the street is famous for. Pop into chic designer boutiques, although window shopping may be more appropriate unless you also have a celebrity budget or your favorite credit cards handy. There are also plenty of vintage stores where many younger actresses find quirky trends.

If you want to spot a celebrity, your best chance to do so is likely in one of the many popular and busy restaurants, bars and nightclubs on Sunset or Hollywood Boulevards. The Roosevelt Hotel Lounge is a hotspot for the young and trendy, which of course includes many celebrities. Prices may be steep, but head there on a weekday for a chance to get a seat on the leather couches. When driving at night, be extra sure that your car insurance is adequate and up to date.


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