Travel for Foodies – 3 Ideal Destinations

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Travel for Foodies

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People travel for various occasions and different reasons. However, some people travel even without special occasion and just a typical reason. On the other hand, few people travel the whole world in order to experience the different tastes of various local cuisines. If you are one of those people then you should know the travel destinations ideal for a foodie. Rest assured that each destination will offer traditional dishes, exciting culture and unique taste.


Many people are frequently visiting Italy for different reasons. Those reasons include the beaches, the history and culture. However, some people travel to Italy for the food. This is because Italian foods are different from other cuisine. When you think of Italy the first food that comes in mind is spaghetti and pizza. Nevertheless, these are not just the food offered in Italy. Other food that travelers would love includes Gnocchi, lasagna, tagliatelli and ravioli. That is why you will never get hungry during your trip. In addition, you will also enjoy sea food pasta that has shrimp, crab and calamari. Aside from pasta, Italy is also famous for ice cream otherwise known as gelato. Italian ice cream is different from other ice cream because it is made from whole milk that gives creamy flavor that other ice cream does not.


Another travel destination for foodies is Greece. It does not only boast for iconic beaches, luxurious resorts and crystal clear water but also it is one of the best local cuisines throughout the world. Foodies who are health conscious will surely love to eat in Greece because of the sumptuous flavors. Greece cuisine is influenced by Mediterranean diet that is rich in fish and other sea food.  The good thing about the cuisines in Greece is that the fat content is reduced because they are using olive oil when cooking. Thus, if you are planning to travel in Greece you should not forget to try the dishes and wines. Lamb is usually used in their traditional dishes.


France is another popular travel destination for foodies. This is the perfect place for foodies looking for exotic dining experience. Aside from the variety and flavors of food, any foodie will surely appreciate the dining experience. You will enjoy the meal in France because it is consist of several courses and serve with delicious wine. The French are famous because of their exotic taste. Indeed, France is the best place for foodies who are looking for something new, different and exciting meals. When you travel at France you should not forget to try Foie Gras, Escargot and many others. Dining in France is not all about the tasty cuisine but the dining experience itself.

For foodies who travel in different destinations, the cuisine is equally as important as the historical site. Moreover, travel foodies can also have the opportunity to learn new cuisines while taking vacations. This is advantageous as you can learn plenty of dishes as you travel from one country to another. However, you should ensure that you have passion in cooking so that you can appreciate culinary.


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